• Is this the life you've been waiting for? Or are you hoping that you'll be where you want with a little more? Well, ask yourself.
  • The times we had, oh, when the wind would blow with rain and snow, were not all bad, we put our feet where they had to go, had to go, never to go.
  • I see you standing there like a rabid dog and you've got those crying eyes, makes me want to surrender and wrap you in my arms.
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  • You don't need smoke to cover most of the world in gloom.
  • You got the luck of a Kennedy.
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  • Now I'm laughing at my boredom; At my string of failed attempts, because you think that it's important and I welcome the sentiment...
  • If I could force my heart, my ears, my mind and eyes to get in line; maybe I'll find something real - not a fantasy so divine. I let myself down each time. How could you be what I wanna see? When my reality could never live up to the fantasy. {l&l tryout}
  • i love you to the moon and back..
  • I will remember your face 'cause I am still in love with that place. When the stars are the only things we share, will you be there...?

  • Spring Style & Wendy’s® #NewSaladCollection – Pt. 2
  • Make it a Date with Keds
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